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To become a leading student center of research and development in the field of green transportation with a focus on solar passenger vehicles in the next five years.


To fabricate a high performance cruiser class solar electric vehicle and at the same time focus on practicality and feasibility of the vehicle for daily use, building upon the success of past projects.


SInce our inception in 2011 we have completed three of our cars and the fourth car is in the making.


FREYR-1 was SolarMobil’s first car. The car marked the inception of the student collective project -SolarMobil in 2011.



SERVe is India’s first passenger solar electric vehicle which uses clean and free fuel with zero emissions and zero noise pollution.



SM-S1 is India's first 4 seater passenger solar car.

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We are extremely happy to see how our students have combined their passion for green energy, through the launch of SERVe. Industry-academia collaboration is the key to foster innovation among the student community. Hence, working with corporates like Tata Power Solar helped our students get technical support and knowledge transfer. The team looks forward to working with more companies for future projects and to continue to nurture student-level innovation.

-Dr. P Giridhar Kini / MIT IL&PPS

I am very glad to know that a team of students from Manipal Institute of technology have made a great achievement by unveiling the Universitie's first Prototype innovative Solar Car. I personally congratulate those students for their creativity, dedication and efforts in achieving this unique distinction, thereby bringing laurels to not just to the institution and also to entire State.My best wishes to everyone concerned

-R. V. Deshpande /Minister for higher education and tourism Department

We have given them support in designing the modules of the solar panels, making sure that it fits the car well.they need a light weight and high efficiency modules for them and in a very aerodynamic structure and that services we have provided to them. so our support has been to motivate them, so our support has been to give them module side and energy side, complete solution to them and work with them because their requirements were also changing as and when they were innovating.

-Ashish Khanna / Executive Director and CEO,TATA Power Solar

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A project of this stature requires immense technical knowledge & managerial skills as well as monetary funds & material resources. The success of such a massive project is highly dependent on industrial supporters, corporate sponsors and individual patrons with whose help we can together take steps towards achieving sustainable transportation.

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