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  • Who we Are

    SolarMobil Manipal is Manipal University’s official student Solar Vehicle team. It was established in 2011 with the motto “Imagineering the Future”.

  • Our Mission

    To fabricate a high performance cruiser class Solar Electric Vehicle and at the same time focus on practicality and feasibility of the vehicle for daily use, building upon the success of past projects.

  • Our Vision

    To become a leading student center of research and development in the field of green transportation with a focus on Solar Passenger Vehicles in the next five years.

  • Freyr

    Won the consolation prize at Manipal University Innovation Day, 2012.

  • SERVe

    Winner of Quest Ingenium 2015.

    SERVe won the 1st prize under the category "Ujjwal" at IIT-Bombay Techfest, 2015.

    SERVe secured 3rd prize at CII India Innovation Challenge amongst 1500 entries in 2014.

  • SM-S1

    1st place at ASME student led design challenge, 2016.

    3rd place in Anveshan, under Association of Indian Universities(AUI), New Delhi, 2017.

  • SM-S2

    SM-S2 is a two seater solar electric race car. It was launched on 17th November, 2018.

Anatomy of A Solar Car

solar car wire frame

Electrical Team

The Electrical team is the heart of this project. It is divided into two sub teams Data Acquisition and Telemetry, and High Voltage System.
The DAQ team deals deals with the measurement, analysis, and telemetry of the data aquired from the real world physical conditions to ensure safety standards of the car.
HVS deals with the core electrical components of the car, such as motors, batteries, and panels.


Mechanical Team

The Mechanical team conceptualizes, designs and looks after the manufacturing of the car and its components from scratch.
The Structures and Aerodynamics team is where it all starts. It works to ensure that the car is as strong, lightweight, and as aerodynamically efficient as possible.
The Vehicle Dynamics team analyses the dynamic interactions of the car with the road and designs the suspension, braking, and steering systems of the car to achieve the performance that is desired.
The Transmission team works on the distribution power that the motor generates, which directly affects the efficiency, performance, and stability of the car.


Management Team

The Management team comprises of three subsystems- Marketing, Public Relations, and Finance.
The Marketing team looks for partnerships within the corporate world or any organization which is ready to help the project in any possible way.
Finance team keeps a track of all the expenses relevant to the project, allocating budgets and filing paperwork regarding all the transactions of the project.
The PR team ensures Inter institute relations and handles dialogue between different teams in the similar field and is responsible to uphold the Brand image of SolarMobil.

SM-S2 Launch

Completed Projects





Keep up the cool work, with tons of passion and inspiration. All the best to the team!

Rajeev Suri

It’s exciting to see undergraduate students building a solar-powered electric car with limited resources. Truly pioneering. I believe in the future of electric vehicles and believe that these students are paving the way to a better future.

Mr. Dilip Chhabria
Founder, DC Design

I am very glad to know that a team of students from Manipal Institute of technology have made a great achievement by unveiling the University's first Prototype innovative Solar Car. I personally congratulate those students for their creativity, dedication and efforts in achieving this unique distinction, thereby bringing laurels to not just to the institution and also to entire state. My best wishes to everyone concerned.

R. V. Deshpande
Minister for higher education and tourism Department

We have given them support in designing the modules of the solar panels, making sure that it fits the car well.they need a light weight and high efficiency modules for them and in a very aerodynamic structure and that services we have provided to them. so our support has been to motivate them, so our support has been to give them module side and energy side, complete solution to them and work with them because their requirements were also changing as and when they were innovating.

Ashish Khanna
Executive Director and CEO,TATA Power Solar

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