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These students weren’t trying to build a solar vehicle that could travel th3e fastest, or the farthest, or used some heretofore-impossible technology. They were trying to build a solar car that could be commercially viable....

Economic times

At QuEST Global we are glad that we could make a positive impact with this initiative to harness and nurture India's future talent to shape tomorrow's India," said Ajay Prabhu, chief operating officer...

Times of India

"Manipal University and MIT have supported us in making this dream car become a reality. It was manufactured in house. I have seen them toil to complete it...


Test Drive of the Solar Electric Road Vehicle (SERVe), by SolarMobil Manipal!
Direct Solar Drive is a function available in our car, in order to power the car directly from the sun whenever the received power is sufficiently high.This bypasses the battery and allows the car to literally run from the power of sunlight.the car could run at top speed of 17Kmph.