Space frame Tubular Chassis
Body shell:
      Fiber reinforced plastic
      Swing arm mono shock
      Dual circuit hydraulic disk brakes
      SCM 150 nugenaxial flux
      brushless DC HUB 10 HP motor
Battery pack:
      LiFePO4 cells (6.5 kwh)
Solar Panels:
      950 Watts Tata Power Solar cells
Project Info

FREYR-1 was SolarMobil’s first car. The car marked the inception of the student collective project -SolarMobil in 2011. The aim of the project was to revolutionize the automobile industry by showcasing the potential of solar energy in powering vehicles as a viable option as opposed to fossil fuels. The designing , manufacturing and assembly of the car was carried out in-house by the SolarMobil team. FREYR-1 is a single seat, three wheel solar racing car.